Holly Browning

Holly Browning started her interest in cooking at the age of 2, alongside her paternal grandmother, making biscuits and all manner of traditional Southern dishes.  She was introduced to other international cuisines, in particular Japanese, through her maternal grandparents, who were missionaries to Japan. The love of cooking and fine food have been an integral part of her life since the beginning.  


         Throughout grade school, she would experiment in the kitchen for her family, who delighted in her results.  During college, her friends knew her for the delicious dinners and snacks she’d prepare to help get them through finals.  After a number of jobs in retail, she began work at Provisions Gourmet and learned the art of wine and broadened her scope of cooking techniques and gastronomic delights. From there, her love affair of fine dining, gourmet cooking, and her interest in oenology (the study of wines) became her cardinal interest (outside of vintage clothing).  After being diagnosed with Celiac disease, she rose to the challenge to discover a gourmet gluten-free life.  She relishes in creating pairings of food and wine inspired by her love of travel throughout Europe and her passion for history.  She has sparked a love of oenology and food with her friends, family, and clients through her knowledgeable experience.  

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